About Us 

    We are the first company to showcase the classic Liberian style banana bread in a baking mix. Our mission is to share exciting regional cuisine to make baking with authentic recipes and simple ingredients easy for people to enjoy. Despite being an increasingly saturated market, there is a lack of easy to make mixes that showcase traditional West African cuisine. That’s where we come in. A brand that showcases newly discovered regional foods to provide an unparalleled baking experience. We take pride in showcasing our baking mixes so you can enjoy regional treasures in the comfort of your home. No matter the season, we hope you can delight in this delicacy and create new memories and traditions. Let’s Celebrate!  

         Our Principles

Simple Ingredients Are BOLD

Each baking mix is free of gluten, dairy and the top 8 allergens. At Sasas Mix we believe simple ingredients don't have to taste bland. Our nutritious and ancient rice blend is filled with vitamins to strengthen your immune system and provide a more BOLD version of the classic nostalgic banana bread.

Travel With Your Pan

At Sasas Mix we want you to travel with your pan and unlock a new world in the comfort of your kitchen. Our passion for showcasing West African cuisine is the driving force behind our company.

Good Foods Bring People Together 

We truly believe good foods bring people together. You can learn a country’s history and culture based on how they make or eat their food. Through the exploration of new palates people can come together for the simple love of delicious cuisine.