About Us

We are the first company to showcase the classic Liberian style banana bread in a baking mix. Our mission is to share exciting regional cuisine to make baking with authentic recipes and simple ingredients easy for people to enjoy. Despite being an increasingly saturated market, there is a lack of easy to make mixes that showcase traditional West African cuisine. That’s where we come in. A brand that showcases newly discovered regional foods to provide an unparalleled baking experience. We take pride in showcasing our baking mixes so you can enjoy regional treasures in the comfort of your home. No matter the season, we hope you can delight in this delicacy and create new memories and traditions. Let’s Celebrate! 

Meet  the Founder

At 13 years old, CEO and founder, Niaka traveled to visit her extended family in Liberia, West Africa for the first time. She was amazed to see lush beaches, a bustling metropolis, and high-end restaurants, images that were not often portrayed when learning about countries in Africa. It saddened her that the continued depiction of Africa in the West only showed poverty and safaris. With her love of baking, Niaka wanted to display the immense value that countries across Africa offer by displaying her family's recipe for rice bread, a gluten-free traditional Liberian dessert.

At Drexel University, she would provide samples of her homemade muffins and loaves at pop-up shops, and people could not get enough of it. While eager to continue baking, the pandemic hit and like many small business owners she had to adjust to the unexpected changes. Rather than solely selling baked goods, Niaka decided to pivot by formulating her family's recipe for rice bread into a gluten free, vegan, & top allergy free baking mix.

Thus, Sasas Mix was created. Sasas Mix is the first company to showcase this Liberian delicacy in a baking mix. Niaka is dedicated to providing delicious west African inspired foods with simple ingredients to those with dietary restrictions and simple enjoyment to those without. Her vision is to share her culture's delicious cuisine so consumers can make authentic recipes that creates warm memories filled with love and joy as such feelings she resonated with while first coming home to Liberia.

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